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Student Spotlight

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Music House Student Band Polite No Releases an EP!

Music House students don't just "take lessons." They join a community full of human connection and new experiences. And that's the way music education should be: an immersive cultural experience.

Nov. '20 Student Shoutouts!

Music House teachers are always talking about the cool things their students have accomplished. So every couple of months we like to share some of those quotes with the world.

Getting to Know "Jet Lag"

With a name like Jet Lag, it might appear as though this bunch of Music House School students knows a thing or two about the rockstar life... or at least they are bound to. Take a look at what this...

Getting to Know "Friday"

Friday is the newest musical sensation to earn the attention of fans, friends, and family throughout the Music House community. When it comes to music lessons for kids in Overland Park, this seven-...

Getting to Know "Dead by Dawn"

"Dead by Dawn" is a boy band of 6 talented members: Julian, Nate Singer, Carter, Nathan Perdieu, Noah Williams, and Noah Holt. Let's learn more about Dead by Dawn from their answers to our interv...

Getting to Know The Underestimated Yeti Project

"The Underestimated Yeti Project" is our youngest band at Music House. Made up of 8 members, it includes Tyler, Lily, Stella, Paige, Evan, Ethan, Cayden, and Rylan.  We gain more insight into this...

Getting to Know "Priory of Sion"

"Priory of Sion" is a band of 4 awesome musicians. They are David, Brady, Arun, and Sutton.  In this post, we have their answers to our interview questions.  "Priory of Sion" might sound familiar ...

Getting to Know "Polite No"

"Polite No" is a cohesive band of 5 musicians: Anthony, Daniel, Leah, Zane, and David.  Their answers to our interview questions show a strong commitment to forming a cohesive group. Their band na...

Getting to Know "Next Week"

"Next Week" is a thoughtful group of 6 musicians: Mary, Jake, Meg, Dalton, Jordan, and Joey.  We say they're thoughtful because all of them together gave more answers to our interview questions th...

Getting to Know "Fiery Dreams"

"Fiery Dreams" is a talented group of 6 musicians: Killian, Griffin, Gracie, Lauryn, Brayden, and Jack.  Their band is aptly named, as they bring with them a unique sass and fire that will surely...

Student Spotlight: Lauryn VonAhnen's Recording Studio Experience

Want to take your music ambitions to the next level? Here're a 14 year old singer/songwriter/guitarist's thoughts on her first recording studio experience.

Wishing The Best To Our Graduating Seniors

It's bittersweet saying goodbye to our graduating seniors. We've enjoyed watching them blossom as musicians, and we wish them the best in their next adventures.