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Concerts & Events

Concerts and Events

Performance Opportunities at Music House

Performance is the culmination of everything we do as musicians. At Music House, every student is guaranteed at least three performance opportunities per year, with many of our students performing much more frequently than that.

  • Student Showcases feature individual students' progress once a month.
  • Grand Showcases feature Core Classes and Band Workshops three times a year.
  • Friday Night Concerts feature professional musicians with hand picked students and student groups sharing the bill.
  • Community Performances allow our students to share their music outside the walls of Music House.

All Music House concerts are free and open to all ages.

Questions about when you or your student are performing? Give us a call at 913.562.4112

Upcoming Events

FREE Concert & Jam Session... For Grownups at Music House

FREE Concert & Jam Session... For Grownups

February 28, 2020  |  6:00PM

The FREE SHOW is for all ages, but the jam session that will follow is just for adults. All 18+ musicians, no matter what the skill level, are invited to join the jam after a free show from our adu...

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