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About Music House

Who We Are

Locally Owned, Community Oriented

Music Instruction Done Right

Music House School of Music is far more than just a place to take music lessons in Overland Park, Lenexa, Prairie Village & Olathe. We're a community founded and operated by professional musicians and teachers. We built the school around the belief that musical passion and advancement thrives within a vibrant community, through diverse exposure and interaction.

Private music lessons simply aren't enough. That's why Music House, in addition to private lesson instruction, offers a world of performance opportunities, group classes, rock bands & specialized ensembles, and a diverse catalog of free weekend music classes. And that's why we've grown into a community of over 600 students and over 30 teachers and administrators with locations in Overland Park, Lenexa, & Prairie Village.

Most of us have memories of less-than-engaging music lessons. We do music education in a different way that constantly excites and intrigues students. Our students – backed by a team of collaborative, experienced instructors – play together, perform onstage, and become a part of something bigger than themselves.






Music House Locations

We’re called Music House because our students feel at home when they walk through our doors. Each of our facilities is fully equipped with lesson studios, large group classrooms, comfortable hang-out areas, and state-of-the art auditoriums. Schedule a visit today!

Overland Park
  Mon–Thur 2-9  |  Fri 2-7

  Mon–Thur 2-9

Prairie Village
  Mon–Wed 2-9


We built the school around the belief that musical passion and advancement thrives within a community, through diverse exposure and interaction.

Meet Our Administrators

Almost every place that offers music lessons in the Kansas City metro is simply a collection of tiny studios rented by independent teachers. This is not the case at Music House. Our team of over 10 administrators ensures that the school runs like a well-oiled machine. From leading our teaching faculty through curriculum improvement to developing systems that allow our students and teachers to thrive, our staff is dedicated to making sure Music House is far beyond any music instruction you'll find anywhere else in Kansas City.

Meet Our Teachers

Unlike places like School of Rock & Meyer Music who use independent contractors as teachers, our teaching faculty is a team of actual employees.