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Band Workshops
Where Students Become Musicians

Summer Camp enrollment is open! Enroll here.

Want to Join a Band?

You can play in a real band at Music House. You’ll rehearse with a full band every week, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll also regularly perform on a stage, under lights, in front of huge crowds. Nervous? Don’t Be. Music House bands and ensembles are coached and trained by our faculty — all of whom are professional musicians and educators. They consistently sound amazing. Your friends and family will be blown away.

Joining a band can give you a new perspective, and open your mind to new possibilities in music

You'll have loads of performance opportunities (at Music House and in the surrounding community)

You'll sharpen your skills and your performance chops at the same time

Learning within a social environment is the core of the Music House Method. After all, music is the most social of art forms. The open, understanding, and imaginative approach of our band teachers create awesome environments for learning through collaboration. It’s an immersive experience here at Music House — full of rehearsals, jams, performances, and positive energy. Ultimately, it’s a place where students and families learn to live musical lives. Come participate in that magic! Learn more here.

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Current student?

If you've been recommended for the Workshop Program by Music House faculty, then you're in like Flynn (provided there's room—workshops are very popular). Fill out the form or give us a ring at 913-562-4112 to get in touch with a Program Manager.

New to Music House?

First off, welcome! Secondly, you might be ready to play in a band, but we'll have to briefly evaluate you first. Fill out the form to schedule a free evaluation with a Program Manager. Don't want to wait? You can also call us at 913-562-4112.

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Take the headache out of getting started

Our "First Steps" guide has everything you need to know to get started. Whether you're interested in guitar, piano, drums, or voice, this guide has all the answers—including advice on purchasing instruments.

Free First Steps Ebook. Get started in music in no time