An Engaging Approach to Piano

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The Music House piano curriculum does more than build strong foundations in technique, theory, and musicality. It establishes an exciting, social connection to music and learning that will last a lifetime in inspiring group piano classes. In a state-of-the-art piano lab, students sit at their own keyboards and shift between working independently with instructor support and collaborating with the group, playing songs, and improvising.

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Learning within a social environment is the core of the Music House Method. Our approach is open, understanding, and imaginative. Our piano teachers create nurturing classrooms, build caring relationships with families, and welcome budding pianists into the musical experience. Our classes, rehearsals, jams, and performances teach our students and families to live musical lives. Come participate in that magic! Learn more here.



How to Choose Your Class

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4–5 years old? Enroll your child in Music PlayHouse, an engaging program that introduces kiddos to rhythm, melody, and movement.

half filled star Total Beginner?

6–8 years old? Sign up for Piano Foundations 1 for some hands-on-learning. 9-adult? Try out our Popular Piano class!

full star Have Experience?

Not a beginner or ready to make the switch from private piano lessons to group piano classes? Submit the form below or call us at 913.562.4112.

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Why a Music House Piano Class?

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Students learn to think like musicians, not just pianists. Listening skills evolve as deep connections to rhythm and melody emerge.

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Students discover their own musicality in our classes and begin to identify themselves as creative musicians.

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Students master a rich and varied repertoire, rooted in relevant, popular music.

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Music House establishes lifelong musical engagement by teaching students how to learn — and how to articulate that learning process.

Why Music House?

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Music House is a community that offers more than the traditional, isolated approach to teaching music. Students play together, perform on stage, and become part of something bigger than themselves.

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