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Music Training and Education

Little girl guitar lesson

The 6 Benefits of Children Taking Music Lessons

Written by Rhiannon Rosas

A child somewhere on the planet takes up a guitar for the first time and learns to play. Perhaps the child will fall in love with the instrument's sound and aspires to play blues or rock music one...

10 Singing Tips for Boosting Your Vocal Training

Are you looking to get the most out of your voice lessons? Check out these great 10 tips for improving your pipes right away!

6 Reasons Why Music Lessons Are Effective

While not commonly thought of, music lessons can make a significant difference to both your private and professional life. Check out our blog to find out more!

Staff Spotlight: Alex Hyden

Meet one of the newest members of our staff, Alex Hyden, and how his journey with guitar has lead him to Music House.

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