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Young adult woman learning the guitar

Mastering Music: 12 Tips for Adult Learners

Written by Autumn Huerter

Are you an adult eager to dive into the world of music? Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to reignite your passion for music, taking that first step can feel both thrilling and dauntin...

Piano, Guitar, or Drums? How to Pick Your First Musical Instrument

Are you considering diving into the world of music but finding yourself torn between the enchanting melodies of the piano, the soul-stirring strums of the guitar, or the rhythmic beats of the drum...

Faculty Spotlight: Zakara York

Meet Zakara York, one of our amazing vocal instructors. We recently asked her about how she got started in music.

Looking for a Vocal Coach? 11 Positive Traits Every Instructor Should Have

Are you on the hunt for the perfect vocal coach to guide you on your musical journey? Look no further than Music House! Having the right vocal instructor can truly make or break your ability to pr...

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