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Band Profile

Getting to Know “Caution Tape”

One of our favorite parts of teaching children here at Music House is putting bands together as a part of our Band Workshop Program. ‘Caution Tape’ is the newest group, and following their incredib...

Getting to Know “Das House”

Over the years, our Band Workshop Program has produced some incredible gems with great kids coming together to make music. ‘Das House’ is no exception to that rule. While they may sound like a Germ...

Getting to Know "Friday"

Friday is the newest musical sensation to earn the attention of fans, friends, and family throughout the Music House community. When it comes to music lessons for kids in Overland Park, this seven-...

Getting to Know "Dead by Dawn"

"Dead by Dawn" is a boy band of 6 talented members: Julian, Nate Singer, Carter, Nathan Perdieu, Noah Williams, and Noah Holt. Let's learn more about Dead by Dawn from their answers to our interv...

Getting to Know "Priory of Sion"

"Priory of Sion" is a band of 4 awesome musicians. They are David, Brady, Arun, and Sutton.  In this post, we have their answers to our interview questions.  "Priory of Sion" might sound familiar ...

Never Too Young to Rock

A new Music House band, comprised of 9, 10 & 11 year olds, rock the school's Overland Park Auditorium.

Chovette Brings 'Power Punk' to Music House

Music House band workshop, Chovette, talks band identity, the Kansas City music scene, and Music House School of Music programs and classes.