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4 Ideas to Help Music Students Make the Most of Their Summer Break

Summer is finally here which means it’s time for a multitude of activities perfect for the kids – camping and hiking at the local lake, hosting backyard BBQs and sleepovers, and of course, taking...

5 Ways That Learning Music Can Improve Your Mental Health

May is a month that brings about many things, including Mother’s Day, graduations, and of course, the onslaught of warmer weather. However, did you know that May is actually National Mental Health...

4 Things You Should Consider Before Learning to Play the Trumpet

The trumpet is perhaps one of the coolest instruments out there thanks to its versatility and size. Think about it: the trumpet can blend in flawlessly with so many genres of music. Jazz, rock, cl...

Staff Spotlight: Becca Kephart

Our staff here at Music House is top-notch, and this week we’d like to feature one of our most valued team members: Director of Band Workshops, Becca Kephart! We asked her a few questions about h...

5 Essential Practice Tips for Becoming a Better Guitar Player

The guitar is undoubtedly an iconic instrument, serving as a staple in many different genres, from classic rock to pop to country. When many people think of modern music, they think of the guitar ...

The Top 7 Stage Presence Tips Perfect for Any Musician

There is nothing quite like stepping out on the stage. Whether it’s your first time, or your hundredth, it is exhilarating! You want to go out there and show off the fruits of your hard work, esp...

Music House Student Band Polite No Releases an EP!

Music House students don't just "take lessons." They join a community full of human connection and new experiences. And that's the way music education should be: an immersive cultural experience.

6 Reasons Why a Musical Instrument Makes the Best Holiday Gift

Gift-giving is something that many of us struggle with. Whether you're shopping for children or adults, you want to see the genuine delight on their face when they open your gift, but finding some...

The 6 Benefits of Children Taking Music Lessons

A child somewhere on the planet takes up a guitar for the first time and learns to play. Perhaps the child will fall in love with the instrument's sound and aspires to play blues or rock music one...

10 Singing Tips for Boosting Your Vocal Training

Are you looking to get the most out of your voice lessons? Check out these great 10 tips for improving your pipes right away!

6 Reasons Why Music Lessons Are Effective

While not commonly thought of, music lessons can make a significant difference to both your private and professional life. Check out our blog to find out more!

Staff Spotlight: Alex Hyden

Meet one of the newest members of our staff, Alex Hyden, and how his journey with guitar has lead him to Music House.