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Drum Lessons

Senior Send-off: Jordan Funk

We're sending off our seniors this month. They'll be graduating soon and moving on to new horizons. Whether or not they decide to continue their formal study of music, we hope they've gained valuable skills in their years at Music House. Today's send-off features drum student Jordan Funk.

Staff Spotlight: Josh Blythe

  What's your main instrument & why? My main instrument is the drum set. I grew up singing and playing the piano some. However, when 6th grade band approached I knew I wanted to pursue drums/p...

What is the best age to learn music?

Music House School supports kids music lessons as well as several other learning formats at all ages. Whether private lessons or ensemble classes, you and your child can experience the magic of performance!

What Will be Taught in a Beginner Drum Classes for Adults?

You’ve signed up for adult drum lessons, and now you’re probably wondering what you’re getting yourself into! Most teachers and music schools will have varied teaching styles and preferred approa...

Music House Drum Teachers Are Hard To Beat

Drum teachers at Music House love teaching and inspiring students. Their strong background in music brings a treasure trove of possibilities to their students.

The Versatile Drummer

Music House drum teacher, Josh Blythe, talks about the importance of understanding music theory as a drummer.

Why You Should Learn to Play Drums

Want to learn to play drums? There are lots of great reasons to learn. It's fun and it makes you feel good. As a musician, you set the feel of the music.

Dream Big, Then Follow Your Dream

Do you ever dream about accomplishing something big? Do you want to follow your dream? You can if you take that first step toward accomplishing it.