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Why Learning Piano is Great for Beginning Musicians

 by Autumn Huerter

Close up of hands playing the piano

Has your child been leaning towards an interest in learning to play a musical instrument? Or do you want to enroll yourself in the best online music lessons to fulfill a lifelong dream?

Whatever it is, you are in for a great ride because learning music has plenty of benefits and can fill your heart with satisfaction. But like any beginner musician, one of the first questions that would pop into your mind would be, “What instrument should I or my child start with?”

Of course, it would make sense to learn an instrument you are really interested in. But if you are at a loss, then the best first instrument to play is the piano, and here’s why!

Why Piano is the Best First Instrument for Beginners

If you are considering music lessons for you or your child but have no idea what instrument to pursue, then you should give piano classes a try. The piano is an excellent first instrument for beginners as it gives them a solid foundation in music. 

Furthermore, your kids can reap a LOT of physical, mental, and social benefits of learning the piano, such as:

  • Increased brainpower and cognitive function.
  • Self-expression and creativity
  • Learning the importance of teamwork, patience, and discipline.
  • Developing coordination, focus, and attention
  • Enhancing hand control and coordination
  • Improving social and communication skills

Of course, learning different instruments can give varying benefits to you or your child. So what makes piano lessons unique, and why should your child begin their music training by learning it? 

1. It Is Easy and Kid-Friendly to Use

One of the most obvious advantages of the piano against other instruments is its ease of use. Whether your child has small hands, short arms, or small stature, they can still play the piano and learn the different techniques that come with it.

With the piano, you only need to press the keys, and sounds will automatically come out of it. It’s different from learning the guitar, as you need to have solid finger strength for strumming and well-developed forearms to play an acoustic one efficiently.

Additionally, a piano is already well-tuned, so it will definitely make the right sound as you press its keys. There’s no need for a student to learn the proper finger placement or good breath control to hit the right note. 

This can tremendously help beginner musicians to get familiar with pitches as they study music.

2. It Provides a Solid Foundation in Learning Music

It is easier to produce good sounds from a piano, even for beginners, as each key already has its own specific melody. As a result, you can now easily learn how to read music and notes so that you can produce a musical piece with the aid of a piano book.

Furthermore, the keyboard arrangement itself can help a young student learn music theory and recognize the relationship of notes. Plus, it’s also easier to remember since everything is grouped together. 

For example, the high notes are on the right, while lower ones can be found as you press the keys on the left. Also, there’s a color differentiation between the natural sound (white) and the sharps and flats (black).

3. It Is Easy to Maintain

Taking the best online music lessons teaches students everything there is to learn about their chosen instrument, including how to tune and maintain it. But as a beginner, it would take time before you can independently fine-tune your own guitar or drums.

Fortunately, pianists won’t experience the same frustrations since pianos only need to be tuned twice a year, and electric keyboards don’t even require tuning. 

Additionally, a piano is a very sturdy instrument and won’t need new strings every few months, which can really drain your pockets. On the other hand, the piano keys won’t suddenly break or snap in the middle of a performance, however hard you press them.

4. It Has a Dynamic Range

Another advantage of learning the piano first is that you get to familiarize yourself with the different pitches and music grooves since the piano has a dynamic range of both.

Children can learn early on how to use soft and loud tones to add emotions to their performance and evoke powerful feelings from their audience. 

5. It Gives Immediate Gratification

A piano is a great first instrument of choice, especially for younger kids with a short attention span. This is because the piano makes a good sound even when played by inexperienced musicians. They are built that way because their keys are already tuned. 

As a result, it gives immediate gratification to starting musicians, giving them more motivation to learn music and pursue it as a passion.

When introducing an instrument for first-time musicians, you can never go wrong with a piano! Learning how to play it will give them a solid foundation in their music education, both in theory and practice.

Young girl taking piano lessons with instructor

How to Start Piano Lessons in Music House

Now that you have decided to learn the piano first, it’s time to choose the best music school to start your journey as a musician. This is a crucial step since learning experiences can make or break a person’s love for music, especially for a kid.

If you’re around Kansas City, then you’re in luck! Our music school called Music House provides music education to kids, teens, and even adults! We cultivate each individual’s passion for music by adding fun and positive experiences to their education.

Here’s how you or your budding musician can start their journey in Music House:

  • Give us a call or go to our website to fill out a form so we can give you a call or email and schedule an in-person tour.
  • During the tour, one of our Program Managers will walk you through everything and even around their studio. In addition, you can meet other music teachers and scan the programs we offer.
  • There are plenty of programs for beginners, including private lessons and group classes. Once your child has acquired some rudimentary skills, they can join one of our band workshops to learn how to work with other musicians.

Lastly, Music House hosts lots of events to give everyone an opportunity to socialize, have fun, and perform. There are Friday Night concerts, band and student showcases, and community performances.

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Written by Autumn Huerter
Autumn Huerter
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