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6 Ways You Can Overcome Plateaus In Your Musical Training

Whether you have been a musician for a year or have been practicing for over a decade, everyone is bound to hit that dreaded ‘wall’ at some point. In fact, you may even face that wall several time...

Wanting to Safely Expand Your Vocal Range? 6 Essential Tips to Check Out

For many vocal musicians, expanding your vocal range is a top priority. This could be for a variety of reasons, including wanting to step out of your comfort zone, grow as a musician or hoping to ...

6 Reasons Why You Should Play Music in a Group Setting

After you’ve started getting the hang of your chosen instrument, you might be wondering what the next step is. Music is very diverse and there are many different paths it can take you down. Playin...

Want to Write Memorable Music? 6 Songwriting Tips You Have to Check Out

One of the biggest goals and aspirations for many musicians is to write their own music. Obviously, this is something great to look forward to, but there are times that it might feel a bit intimid...

The Top 7 Stage Presence Tips Perfect for Any Musician

There is nothing quite like stepping out on the stage. Whether it’s your first time, or your hundredth, it is exhilarating! You want to go out there and show off the fruits of your hard work, esp...

Why Learning Piano is Great for Beginning Musicians

Is piano the best instrument to learn first? Absolutely! It's great for beginning musicians! Learn more here on our blog and how you can enroll in the best online music lessons or in-person lessons here at Music House!

7 Helpful Tips for Writing Your First Song

Learning to write music doesn't have to be difficult. With music lessons in Kansas City at Music House, you will be on your way to songwriting in no time!

It’s the Best Time to Take Online Music Lessons

Did you know that taking online music lessons can help in more ways than just social distancing? Learn more here on our latest blog!