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Why It's Never Too Late to Take Drum Lessons for Adults

 by Autumn Huerter

Close up of drum set cymbals

Today, many people are stuck inside their homes, and this has given them some time to explore new hobbies and try out new things. Learning a musical instrument is one of the more popular ideas many people have since music is a great hobby to get into.

Playing music is certainly an activity that is not time-consuming, nor is it a very tiring task. In fact, some people relieve stress by playing music. There have been studies regarding the therapeutic effects of music on the part of the brain that is most affected by stress hormones, and most of these studies show a positive effect on the brain.

Learning how to play musical instruments is also a hobby that improves a person's cognitive and mechanical skills. This is because playing a musical instrument requires a lot of concentration and practice. It can also help people get together as they learn together and help them socialize more with each other and possibly, play music together.

Also, this hobby is not too costly if you already have a musical instrument at home. Still, if you need to purchase a new instrument, many markets offer secondhand and brand-new instruments for beginners at a relatively low price.



One of the musical instruments that are really fun to play is the drums. The drums are part of the percussion family and are played by striking it with the hand or a percussion mallet, for example, a drumstick, to produce beats that dictate the rhythm of the music.

The drums are also one of the most engaging instruments to play because a classic drum kit contains different types of drums as well as several cymbals. Learning how to play all these parts together is really fun and engaging.

Drums are one of the musical instruments first taught in music classes back in school for students to get a sense of the beat and rhythm early on.


Can Adults Still Learn to Play Drums?

For most adults, choosing to play the drums will always be challenging since the drums are one of the instruments with a high learning curve. A drum player must learn how to maintain the rhythm of the beats while focusing on the different drums to strike.

The drum is played with both hands so there is also some difficulty for some adults who are not well-adept at using their non-dominant hand. Most adults have gotten used to using their dominant hands for most of their daily tasks. It has been challenging to train their non-dominant hands to move actively while being in sync with their dominant hands. 

There is also the matter of learning how to use the feet to play the bass drums while playing the other parts of the drum kit with both of your hands.

Still, it is never too late for adults to try and learn the drums since with age also comes wisdom. Adults may be a little bit slower to pick up new things compared to younger people, but they are better at maintaining discipline and good habits, and these factors can make a great difference in learning how to play drums.

Adult woman learning to play drums in class


Drum Lessons for Adults

There are many options available for adults who want to learn how to play drums. They can hire a teacher who can teach them personally during sessions. They can also enroll in music classes offered by teachers who are experts in playing musical instruments.

Other options include going to the internet and searching for online drum lessons for adults. Other people may try to research music theory and try to learn on their own by watching educational videos and learning how to read musical pages.

Since adults have more control over their time and have more resources to spend on their hobbies and other activities, they can certainly avail any of these methods and start their journey on learning how to play the drums.


Hire a Teacher

Hiring a teacher is the best way to learn how to play drums for people who rely mostly on human interaction for information gathering and learning.

This setup enables the person to learn directly from the experienced individual, and it gives them hands-on training on how to play the instrument correctly. The teacher can show you how to use different grips on the drumsticks, strike the different parts of the drums effectively, and maintain different beats and tempos.

This also helps you learn how to avoid mistakes since your teacher will easily notice and point out any errors you make. This also lets you ask more questions about playing the instruments and getting to see demonstrations firsthand.


Enroll in a Music Class

Choosing to enroll in a music class offered by a music school is somewhat similar to hiring a teacher. The teaching style might only differ in the teachers' expectations since they are professionals and may expect better performance from their students.

Music schools also emphasize music theory, so this is a great option for adults who would like to pursue a career in music later on. Drumming lessons in music school also emphasize reading sheet music to perform musical pieces, so it is a great opportunity to learn how to read sheet music and translate it into beats and drum rolls. Music schools also hold practical demonstrations and examinations for their students to serve as an incentive for their students to practice more and study better.


Take Online Drum Lessons

Another option is taking online drum lessons for adults. Several websites offer online drum lessons wherein the lessons are presented as digital content such as videos and presentations.

These types of lessons are very convenient for people learning to play drums at a slower pace because they can always rewind the videos if they missed something or if they want to review a lesson taken previously. These lessons sometimes include drum covers and demonstrations of songs that the students can follow and try playing.

Having a visual reference while learning how to play the drums is also a great advantage for online lessons. The only downside of taking online classes is getting feedback from your performance. It can be quite difficult to know the parts of your performance that need improvements without the mentor's feedback.

Luckily, some online lessons allow you to interact with teachers online and ask them your question regarding your drumming lessons. Online drum lessons can be very convenient due to their flexibility, and they're suitable for adults who have very little free time.

Learning something new can always be a challenging task and may consume a lot of your time, but the rewards that come with it, later on, will surely be worth it. Even if you are already in your adult years, learning how to play drums will always be worth it if you really want it and if you work hard for it. So start taking your lessons today!

Written by Autumn Huerter
Autumn Huerter
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