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drum classes for adults

Mastering Music: 12 Tips for Adult Learners

Are you an adult eager to dive into the world of music? Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to reignite your passion for music, taking that first step can feel both thrilling and dauntin...

The Surprising Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons as an Adult

There is an infamous adage that says ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and well, when it comes to music, we beg to differ. Music is something that transcends various barriers and is a tool t...

6 Tips to Reap All The Benefits of Your Drum Lessons

Like all music lessons, drum lessons are no walk in the park. Learn our tips for getting the most out of your drum lessons to kick start your music journey.

8 Ways Music Lessons Benefit Adults

Want to take music lessons as an adult but think you missed your chance? Not at all! There are many benefits to learning an instrument as an adult, learn more here!

Why It's Never Too Late to Take Drum Lessons for Adults

Are you wondering if online drum lessons for adults are something you should enroll in? Read our blog and learn the many ways to learn the drums and how they can still benefit you even as an adult.

How to Improve Your Drum Skills with Online Lessons

Are you wondering how to improve your drum skills? Online drum lessons for adults and kids through Music House School can help you to hone in on your skills and better your performance. Learn more here!