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The Cure For Music Lesson Boredom

 by Aaron Sizemore

Lily O'Donnel (keyboard), Stella Malinowski (guitar), Rylan Cobos (drums & percussion), Paige Toon (voice), Tyler Bauman (drums & percussion), Cayden Crosby (bass), Ethan Yuwono (guitar), Evan Dejmal (guitar)

"I wish I hadn't given up music." I can't tell you how many times I've heard this sad, remorseful phrase spoken. It's usually followed with "I got bored." Not at Music House though. For example MH student, Stella Malinowski, has never said this and it's highly likely that she never will. Just as boredom with guitar began to take hold of her, she joined a band—The Underestimated Yeti Project—and a whole new world revealed itself. Now she and her bandmates are completely swept away by the process of music learning, making and performing. Currently, their main focus is preparation for our upcoming Fall Music Fest where they, along with 17 other bands, will perform on two stages this Sunday. Take a moment to hear what they have to say about their experiences as "real" musicians.

What is something you've learned from another musician in your band?

Paige Toon: How to play Fortnite Genesis (laughs). Seriously though, I've learned new genres of music from my bandmates.

Tyler Bauman: I've learned a lot about blending of instruments from everyone. Dynamics have helped me a lot.

If you could magically convince one famous musician, living or dead, to join your band, who would it be?

Cayden Crosby: Angus Young.

Evan Dejmal: Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Lily O'Donnell: Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!

Tyler Bauman: Michael Jackson.

Why is it so important for a musician to perform and collaborate with other musicians (as opposed to always just practicing alone)?

Stella Malinowski: I was bored playing guitar until I joined the band. It totally helps you get better.

Lily O'Donnell: You get to learn new music from other band members choices.

Tyler Bauman: You learn to respect other people's great musicianship.

Everyone: You make new friends!!

What do you guys do that's special—that sets you apart from all the other Music House bands?

Everyone: We are the youngest band!!!

Describe the most excellent, memorable moment you've ever had with your band.

Stella Malinowski: When we got to go to a studio and record a song we wrote.

Lily O'Donnell: Our first Music House Grand Showcase. We messed up on a song, everyone stopped, but nobody noticed.

Imagine one of your friends takes private lessons somewhere (not at Music House). They tell you that they love music and wish they were as good as you, but they're getting bored with lessons and might quit. What advice would you give them?

Rylan Cobos: I would tell them to try Music House. It's just way better.

Lily O'Donnell: Yeah. It offers way more than every other place -- like bands and Community Classes.

Stella Malinowski: I would tell them to keep going and don't give up.

How long have each of you been playing your instruments?

Tyler Bauman: Three years.

Lily O'Donnell: Two and a half years.

Stella Malinowski: Four years.

Evan Dejmal: Three years.

Ethan Yuwono: Four years.

Cayden Crosby: Two years.

Rylan Cobos: Three years.

Paige Toon: It seems like forever.

Be sure to join us at this year's Music House Fall Music Fest to hear this band and seven others serve up their best. It's going to be a big party featuring lots of amazing people!

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Written by Aaron Sizemore
Aaron Sizemore
Co-founder & Executive Director at Music House