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Community Classes - online version

Music House will be closed on Memorial Day, 5/25.

Explore the Big Wide World of Music

Private lessons, while important, aren’t enough to thoroughly open a student’s eyes to the almost limitless universe of music. They need something more. That's why we've built an ever-expanding library of instructional videos called Community Classes. Our students have free access to our entire catalog of online Community Classes covering every imaginable corner of the music world, from songwriting to recording to jamming and beyond.

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Ages 6–8

Make Your Own Instrument

Learn how to make a Pan Flute at home using drinking straws. The materials you'll need at home are straws, scissors, tape, and paper. This class is open to all instruments, voices, and skill levels.

Kickin' It At the Drum Circle

Join in the circle by playing different rhythms on various percussion instruments along with your friends. We'll focus on playing in time, using dynamics, and having a blast! Open to all instruments, vocalists and skill levels.

Instrument Exploration

Take a trip around Music House and discover new instruments. Students will have fun learning about guitar, piano and drums. Open to all instruments, vocalists and skill levels.

Star Wars Melodies

Come learn melodies from Star Wars old and new. Coming in costume welcome and encouraged! Open to all instruments, vocalists and skill levels.

Ages 9–adult

Learn How To Play Like Stevie Wonder

Learn how to play the Stevie Wonder classic hit, "Sir Duke" on piano.

Belt it Out -- Loud, Proud and Healthy

Belting is a vocal technique that can convey a lot of emotion in a performance. In this class we'll explore the interworkings of the voice when singing and ways keep your voice healthy when belting. Try specific warm-ups and check out some great artists who can really belt. Open to all instruments, voices and skill levels.

Punk Rock Women

In a male dominated scene we will learn about the women who were not afraid to shred. Listen, watch and learn about the women who pioneered the punk rock scene from 1970-present. Open to all instruments, vocalists and skill levels.

Guitar Warmups

Improve your guitar chops by working warmups into your practice routine. Check out these warmup exercise videos for guitarists of all skill levels.

Songwriters: Get Inspired!

Have you come up with one great lyric or chord progression and now you're stuck? Want to write a song but don't know where to start? Come get inspired with practical techniques to get that song finished! Open to all instruments, vocalists, and skill levels.