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Music House Student Band Polite No Releases an EP!

 by Aaron Sizemore
Polite No recording at Music House

Polite No

Front: Joshua Blythe (Teacher/Mixing/Production); Back Left to Right: Leah Tarwater (Vocals), Daniel McCrary (Drums/Percussion), David Cunningham (Guitar), Anthony Arquieta (Bass/Vocals), Zane Tyree (Guitar)

Music House students don't just "take lessons." They join a community full of human connection and new experiences. And that's the way music education should be: an immersive cultural experience. The members of Music House student band memebers Polite No have been immersing themselves in music for quite a while now. Their most recent achievement has been the release of their first EP.

Listen to it here.

Lead vocalist Leah Tarwarter recently spoke with Music House teacher, Josh Blythe, about the experience of writing, recording, mixing, and producing music.

How would you describe the sound/genre of the Polite No EP?

I would say the genre is alternative pop!

What kind of preparation went into the making of the EP?

Lots of practice and working on vocal stamina. I would make recordings at home, listen back and write notes on lyrics to help improve.

What surprised you about the recording process?

I think I wasn’t expecting having to spend the bulk of time playing and recording individually. I really enjoyed watching the layers begin to build upon one another and watching it all come together!

When writing your songs, do you have a specific process? Lyrics or music first?

Almost all of the time I start with lyrics. I always try to take notes and voice memos on my phone. It can be definitely be helpful having music when writing to help capture the emotion or vibe.

What lessons, from your last band or recording the EP, have you carried with you?

The importance of being prepared, knowing what to give other musicians, being able to communicate opinions, and visual and physical engagement on stage. Another thing is learning how to handle embarrassment – Being a singer (non-instrumentalist), it’s important to be self-aware but it’s also important to be able to move past mistakes.

For students coming up through the Music House band workshop program, what are some words of wisdom you would give them about being in a band, writing, recording, etc.?

  1. Lessons: That is your one-on-one time – Learn to get comfortable and realize your teacher is there to help you. It is okay to mess up/be vulnerable in lessons because that is how you will improve.

  2. Band: Have patience! Make friends and don’t let them down, always show up prepared. It’s not just about you as an individual. Always remember the feeling of performing and making music with other people. Lastly, communicate outside the band’s rehearsal time – get to know one another and try trading ideas.

  3. Songwriting: Always write your ideas down, no matter how small or undeveloped, so you can develop them later!

  4. Recording: Practice a bunch and focus on being very prepared. Give it your all when you record – the recordings you make will be what you use to gain an audience to come check out your performances!

  5. Performing: Practice! Take advantage of the opportunity to be on stage performing for people and all the benefits that come with it!

  6. Last words of wisdom: Have fun – don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Written by Aaron Sizemore
Aaron Sizemore
Co-founder & Executive Director at Music House