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The Recording Contest Winners, REMASTERED

 by Aaron Sizemore

As promised, we've had The Great 2020 Recording Contest winning tracks remixed and remastered by audio engineer, Cody Pieschel. He started with tracks that our students recorded during the lockdown using their laptop microphones. Good work, Cody!

Faculty Choice Winner, REMASTERED

This one was the Music House faculty favorite:


Square One: Schuyler Coffman (guitar), Ian Gaynes (keyboards), Emily Roswold (vocals), Charlie Cory (bass), & Ryan Toon (guitar)

"Miss Your Face" by Square One


People's Choice Winners, REMASTERED

These recordings received the top numbers of votes from the general public:

Adult Band: "Spiderwebs" by The Bridgetones

Focus/Mastery Band: "Judgement Day" by Priory of Sion

Expansion Band: "The Office Main Theme" by Decisions

Rock Band Drum Lab: "Take-A-Turn"

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Written by Aaron Sizemore
Aaron Sizemore
Co-founder & Executive Director at Music House