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6 Benefits of Private Music Lessons

 by Autumn Huerter

Young boy taking private music lessons in piano witting at the piano with instructor smiling


Enrolling your budding musician in music lessons has plenty of incredible benefits to his/her development as a growing child or developing teenager.

Whether it’s for string instruments or percussion, pursuing this enriching activity will help them discover their passion, turning it into a professional endeavor in the future.

Furthering their talent in their instrument of choice through music lessons can help in improving brain development and instilling core values, such as:


  • Self-discipline
  • Independence
  • Dedication
  • Goal-oriented
  • Self-expression


Moreover, it allows children and teenagers to express themselves with creativity and confidence, which helps open up several wonderful opportunities when they grow up.

The key here is to find the right school, teacher, or instructor for you or your kid. And more importantly, why you should consider booking for private music lessons instead of enrolling in a group class.

Here are six benefits that you or your child will reap in chasing your passion for music through private lessons!  


1. Customized Music Lessons Instructor

Each person has different learning styles. Some can quickly master their craft by visually seeing a hands-on demo from their teacher, while others work best by reading the written instructions first or the melody and rhythm.

Unfortunately, not every student has the ability to learn in groups. Some excel and reach their full musical prowess through one-on-one sessions, while others prefer group learning. If you or your child can relate to the former, you can benefit more by enrolling in private lessons.

For one, a private instructor can quickly adapt to their student’s learning style and pace, maximizing learning efficiency. Instead of teaching from a general curriculum, music instructors can focus on their needs and tailor a personalized program.

Students who already finished the beginner stage can move forward to more advanced training sessions by having a private tutor. This is preferable rather than going through the beginner stages again because most students in the class have not yet covered it.

Furthermore, private music lessons can specifically benefit musically-inclined students with learning and physical disabilities, like dyslexia.  


2. Undivided Attention from Instructor

Another huge gain from private lessons is the one-on-one attention you will get from your teacher. This also means more time, more teaching, and more learning to obtain from your incredible instructor.

With their undivided attention focused on a single student, a musical instructor can identify their student’s weakest points and spend more time honing them. Furthermore, private classes allow students to take the time they need to learn a specific skill without being in a high-pressure environment.

Students can freely go over and over a topic and ask questions of their instructor to fully understand the specific piece. They get to learn at their own pace while also enjoying the learning process.

Lastly, private music lessons ensure less distraction and pressure for teachers and students, allowing both to enjoy the experience and become the best in their respective craft.


3. Flexible Schedules

Does your child have other extracurricular activities other than music? Perhaps they want to pursue both but can’t because the schedules will clash with each other.

Enrolling in private music classes gives you the freedom to choose your or your child’s preferred lesson time based on availability. They provide teacher recommendations during enrollments, but you can still choose a specific instructor if you like.

Class schedules are not set in stone, which means you can change your ongoing scheduled time (still, based on availability) during emergencies or a sudden conflict of schedules on important events.

Private music lessons will also benefit you during this pandemic as this particular class will limit you or your child’s exposure to people outside their household.  

Instructor helping young girl with private music lessons in violin


4. Goal-Oriented Approach in Perfecting Instrumental Skills

Band and orchestra programs provide musicians with a chance to perform and work with others, which they can apply in the real world. However, this set-up can hinder students that are not fond of learning in groups.

If you think you or your child thrive much better on one-on-one learning, then a private music class is for you. Students can master the individual skills needed to perfect their craft with private lessons, allowing them to harmonize better with a band or orchestra.

Furthermore, you can learn different styles, techniques, and even values required to become a better musician. This includes:

  • Proper posture and correct handling of your instrument.
  • Learning both the basic techniques and advanced ones usually not taught in group classes.
  • Working on an especially challenging piece.
  • Fine-tuning your audition piece or solo recital.
  • Working on different kinds of pieces lets you practice the specific techniques you learned.
  • Pursue a particular musical taste or interest.


5. Instant and Personalized Feedback

Feedback is vital in learning. It allows a student to break bad habits immediately and fine-tune their skills. More importantly, it corrects a mistake before it even starts to become a habit.

Private music lessons allow you or your child to receive instant feedback from a professional instructor. You can spend as much time as you need to develop the proper muscle memory to achieve the ideal skill you are aiming for.

Moreover, a personal instructor can observe you and give you a more straightforward technique on breaking away from a specific bad habit that you had been doing unconsciously.


6. Increased Motivation, Less Frustration

Not all students can learn efficiently in a challenging environment, particularly around peers who display exceptional skills and abilities in playing an instrument. This is especially true if a child feels like they are at the bottom of their class or only have an average skill in music.

On the other hand, naturally gifted students can become bored or, worse, unable to attain their full potential in a group class or community orchestra.

Private music lessons aim to inspire and increase the motivation of students by offering skill-specific instructions. This also lessens their frustration in learning, encouraging them to pursue their passion for music even further.

Make the best decision for you or your child by considering the option of a private music class with a professional instructor.

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Written by Autumn Huerter
Autumn Huerter
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