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Looking for a Vocal Coach? 11 Positive Traits Every Instructor Should Have

Are you on the hunt for the perfect vocal coach to guide you on your musical journey? Look no further than Music House! Having the right vocal instructor can truly make or break your ability to pr...

Setting Musical Goals for the New Year? 6 Tips You Need to Consider

2024 is right around the corner and many are looking to make resolutions for the year ahead, musicians included. After all, setting specific goals is essential for any musician looking to make pro...

Mastering the Basics: Essential Practice Routines for New Musicians

Forming good habits is one of the most crucial elements you need to learn when becoming a musician. After all, these habits are what make or break your musical journey! However, establishing a pra...

Want to Start Playing the Piano? 5 Things You Need to Know First

The piano is a versatile instrument that has long been a staple in the realm of music. From the timeless classics to the Top 20 songs you hear on the radio today, the piano plays an important role...

Children and Teens: The Physical and Mental Health Advantages of Taking Music Lessons

Music House School of Music is far more than just a place to take music lessons. Our musicians and teachers have built the school around the belief that musical passion and advancement thrives within a vibrant community through diverse exposure and interaction. 

5 Indicators That You Could Benefit From a Vocal Coach

Creative individuals who enjoy singing often do so as a form of self-expression.  Since almost everyone has a voice at birth, we often fail to recognize the real benefits that we can receive ...

At What Age Should Children Start Taking Music Classes?

With all the benefits of music for children, the real question for many parents is, what age should my children begin taking music classes? That is a great question, and we want to talk about a few things you might consider when thinking about your children and music. 

6 Key Steps to Follow In Order to Have a Successful Band Rehearsal

When taking music lessons in Kansas City, you may very well end up joining a band! To learn more about how to have a successful rehearsal, click to visit our blog.

7 Ideas to Help Your Music Student Stay Motivated Throughout the Summer

Summer camps, private music lessons, and setting goals can help students stay motivated during the summer. Click to read more on our blog!

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child Into Music Camp This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and many parents are searching for fun yet educational outlets for their children during this time. While there are likely many great options out there, if you ha...

6 Essential Tips to Help Your Child Before for a Music Competition

Spring is here and any music student knows what that means: music competitions. Students of all age groups are gearing up to compete in league, regional, and even state competitions for both chora...

6 Reasons Why You Should Play Music in a Group Setting

After you’ve started getting the hang of your chosen instrument, you might be wondering what the next step is. Music is very diverse and there are many different paths it can take you down. Playin...