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Band Spotlight: Radio Silence

 by Aaron Sizemore
Jane Qualls, Zane Pulido, Everett Davis, & Landry Keyes

Music House student bands are frighteningly good. In fact, some of them are indistinguishable from professional bands. Come hear Set in Stone at their next concert on Aug 24th at our Overland Park location and you'll see what we mean. We recently sat down to interview these talented, hard-working students and here's what they had to say.

How did your band come up with that name? Tell the story.

Jane Qualls: On the spot.

Everett Davis: Someone's magical mind brought it into our world.

Landry Keyes: That would be my dad. He said it.

What is the best part of being in a band?

Jane: The bickering.

Zane Pulido: Teamwork, for the most part.

Everett: It's cool! I like hearing everything come together. It's way more fun than playing on your own. Whether we're clashing or blending.

Landry: Everett stole my answer!

What are some of your band goals?

Jane: To play at RecordBar!

Zane: I'm just gonna go with whatever Everett says.

Everett: To play cool music! And eventually create our own music.

Landy: Writing more music, and just being a good band.

What is your most memorable band experience?

Jane: Meeting these fools (pointing to her grateful bandmates).

Zane: That one day when me and Everett were the only ones that showed up to rehearsal.

Everett: When I was "dad dancing" so badly that I threw off the whole band.

Landry: Me and Everett screaming over James' vocal.

If you got to open for any band or artist, current or defunct, who would it be?

Jane: The Cure.

Zane: U2.

Everett: Either Incubus or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Landry: The Grateful Dead .

What advice would you give to students that are just getting started?

Jane: Confidence affects how you play so try to act as confident as you can.

Zane: Have fun!

Everett: Don't be the guy who doesn't practice and keep an open mind.

Landry: Have fun and make sure you have a good teacher, like we do.

What do you guys do that's special – that you think sets you apart from all the Music House bands?

Jane: We pick up on things really quickly and it's always a positive environment so if we mess up, we look at each other, laugh, and keep going.

Zane: We try not to be too serious about it and have a little fun.

Everett: We spend the almost the entire session messing around! Just kidding. I think we bonded really fast. We got to know each other and started having fun. I think it's cool that we're bare bones so you can hear every part clearly.

Landry: When we're practicing nobody cares if you mess up.

How has playing with other people benefited you?

Jane: It has taught me to share the spotlight and the glory with others which is something I struggled with previously.

Zane: Learning how to play with people and learning the other parts of songs and how to pick them out.

Everett: It's given me a different point of view. Here, there's a lot of communication happening, especially since it's a smaller group.

Landry: It helps us find new songs that we all enjoy

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Written by Aaron Sizemore
Aaron Sizemore
Co-founder & Executive Director at Music House