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Listen to Neon Black & Space Jam, Live

 by Aaron Sizemore

We knew last month's "Senior Send-off" Concert was going to be memorable. Two very impressive Music House student bands, Neon Black and Space Jam, several of whose members are leaving for college this summer, would be performing. In other words, it would be their last show together. So we rallied our staff and faculty to record, mix and master their sets. Glad we did.

Slip on some headphones, kick back, and enjoy some frighteningly good live music from a couple groups of amazing students.

Neon Black


Alex Jashinski (vocals, keyboard, sax), Cade Forrest (guitar), Leo Ruhnke (durms), Scott McCreight (bass)

A great band is always growing and changing.

-Cade Forrest, guitar

We’ve watched the students in Neon Black grow and change for many years. In fact, drummer Leo Ruhnke started at Music House when he was just 5 years old.


Space Jam


Katy Baumgartel (vocals), Jay Babcock (drums), Kaden Counts (bass), Nick Brown (guitar), Indika Gunananda (keyboard)

Space Jam might be our most eclectic band. Just check out this set. It spans from prog rock to smooth 80s pop to funky funk. We dare you to sit down while listening to this.

If you’re sitting down while listening to us, you’re wrong.

-Katie Baumgartel, lead vocals

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Written by Aaron Sizemore
Aaron Sizemore
Co-founder & Executive Director at Music House