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Band Spotlight: Diversion

 by Aaron Sizemore
Thomas Esker, Lou Wade, Michael Miller, Tricia Cambron, Mike Schlenk, & Kathy Perryman

Music House has adult student bands too. Good ones! For example, Diversion is a great band that has performed not just at Music House shows, but professionally around town. They got their start with us, though, and we're darn proud of them! Come check them out on April 28th at the Great Wind Festival to hear them demonstrate that dreams of playing in a band (a darn good one) can come true, for kids and adults alike. We recently sat down to interview these talented, hard-working students, and here's what they had to say.

How did your band come up with that name? Tell the story.

Lou Wade: This was a fun "diversion" for all of us from our real daily lives.

What is the best part of being in a band?

Tricia Cambron: Performing. Making something out of thin air.

Kathy Perryman: Challenging ourselves. It's much more satisfying to be in a group and make it blend.

Lou: My mistakes are less noticeable when everyone else has nailed it.

Mike Schlenk: Thrill of the performance and applause from the crowd. Otherwise, I'd just be sitting in my basement.

What are some of your band goals?

Michael Miller: Continuous improvement! Keep learning and improving, get together as a group, become better musicians and better friends.

Mike S: Play a festival stage on a big fricking sound system and serious production.

Tricia: Yeah. I want to hear myself bouncing off the building.

What is your most memorable band experience?

Tricia: Great Wind Fest, and the crazy wind blowing our instruments and gear off the stage.

Thomas Esker: When we absolutely nail a song from start to finish and you feel like there's not much you could've improved.

Kathy: Hosting an impromptu house party after our first gig got canceled.

If you got to open for any band or artist, current or defunct, who would it be?

Tricia: My son's band!

Mike S: Spinal Tap.

What advice would you give to students that are just getting started?

Tricia: Stick With it.

Mike S: Be proud of your accomplishments, and don't forget you just learned something. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Thomas: Practice with a metronome more.

What do you guys do that's special – that you think sets you apart from all the Music House bands?

Tricia: We've been playing longer than any other groups. Also, we arrange our own rehearsals outside of Music House, perform at open mics, and book other gigs outside the MH space. Our set list has exploded in the last few years and we can play much longer sets and be much more flexible for future gigs.

How has playing with other people benefited you?

Tricia: It's given me confidence.

Mike S: It has stimulated me to learn more. It's a whole different skill set. Learning when to play and what not to play. Learning to play within boundaries within a song and not just whatever you want. Confines improve creativity. Grow into the song and really learn the song.

Lou: It helps you find good solutions to work through challenges, not just by yourself, but interacting with and listening to other band members.

Kathy: Providing and receiving feedback has been enormously helpful.

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Written by Aaron Sizemore
Aaron Sizemore
Co-founder & Executive Director at Music House