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5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Private Drum Lessons

 by Autumn Huerter

Teen drumming in band

Have you always wanted to jam on the drums? Do you feel you have the motivation to learn this instrument and be able to play music with others? Finding the right drum lessons in Kansas City may have just gotten easier with the professionals at Music House

When learning to play the drums, like with most instruments, lessons and practice are critical. Making the most of your lessons and learning to practice effectively can make your progress flow more quickly. 

Here are some tips for making the most of your private drum lessons through more effective practice time:

#1) Be Consistent

Regardless of how busy your life is, carve out consistent times to practice. Practice is the lifeblood of an artist of any kind. 

Figure out the times of the day you feel most energized and clear-minded to be able to do your best. People are different, so what works for someone else may not be your best time.

Even if you only practice for 15 minutes sometimes, consistency is what is most important and what will help you improve your skills. Repetition during practice can strengthen your skills and make your timing more concise. 

#2) Make A Plan:

Being prepared with a plan of what you want to play, the time commitment for your practice, and what your overall goal for the practice session is will help you focus and be more productive as you continue to hone your skills.

First, are you working with a particular curriculum you are expected to learn, or is there a section of a song you want to master? Knowing what you want to become better at in each practice session will help you be ready to meet the challenge before you. 

Next, decide how much time you have with your practice session and schedule it out. You will do well to have a 5-minute warm up. Then, you can decide if you’re working on one style or different ones during the session. How much time for each? Be sure to schedule in time for repetition of the skill or section once you have hit on the timing you desire. You can also end with 5-10 minutes of free play just to keep yourself motivated. Nothing like ending with fun!

Last, is there a specific skill you want to work on during this practice session? What do you need to improve with that skill? Here is where you should consider the feedback you have received from your teacher to know what areas you need to focus more fully on as you progress in your skills. Their feedback can guide you as you work on a skill even outside of your time with them for lessons.

Young drummer practicing

#3) Isolate Trouble Areas:

What areas have you had problems achieving? When you have skills that are challenging for you, you need to consistently practice in order to improve your accuracy. Focusing on very specific skill sets can help you move your overall skills much more efficiently.

If you need to work out timing in your skills, try using a metronome while you practice. A metronome can help you improve your sense of time and note placement. There are several metronome apps that you can download to help you with this process of practice. 

Look to sources like an app or listening to the skill when others play to help you overcome your trouble areas when playing. 

#4) Find Inspiration:

Do you have a favorite drummer? If so, watch videos and listen to their music to gain further inspiration. 

Learning skills can take time, and becoming exceptional in those skills takes motivation to continue the hard work in order to keep improving. Look for interesting drum solos online to help with your motivation and to practice your listening skills. 

Another way you can improve your listening and skills is to play along with your favorite bands. These are songs you know, so learning to play along might just add to the inspiration you need to continue effective practice. This could be something you do for fun in the final minutes of your planned practice session!

#5) Play And Have Fun:

If you get bogged down in your practice and the work you are doing to improve your skills, just take a break from the formal work you are doing and relax. 

It may be best to just let go and play for fun in order to reinvigorate yourself on your journey of learning. Figure out what allows you to most effectively relax and enjoy the instrument and your playing of it. 

It is good to experiment, and doing so when you begin to lose focus on your long-term goals can help you regain your clarity and purpose. Unlike lessons, when you have your instructor with you, practice time is when you must work to keep yourself motivated.

Let Music House be where you find drum lessons in Kansas City!

The experts at Music House have developed a modern approach to learning that merges individual lessons and attention with peer motivation through the activities they offer. 

Our students have the chance to participate in monthly jam sessions with a full professional band. This can be an exciting time for students to explore their presentation style along with their skills. 

Our combination of professional faculty, innovative curriculum, and opportunities for musical exposure can’t be beat when looking for the best place for you to grow in your drumming skills. 

If you are unsure about individual lessons and would like to learn more about what all you should consider before taking on individual lessons, download our ebook. We want to be certain you know what to expect out of lessons.

However, if you are ready to find out more specific information about our programs or to enroll, click here and complete this form! The time may be right for you to join professionals at Music House to further your drumming skills and performance opportunities!

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Written by Autumn Huerter
Autumn Huerter
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