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7 Vocal Audition Tips You Won't Want to Miss

Have you been considering auditioning for your school’s musical or do you want that lead part for your community theater? Are you trying to feel prepared the next time a talent competition sweeps ...

Struggling with Performance Anxiety? Check Out These Tips ASAP!

No matter how skilled of a musician you are or how many times you’ve played a show, it is perfectly normal to get the jitters prior to going out on stage. However, if you find that this nervousnes...

Want to Write Memorable Music? 6 Songwriting Tips You Have to Check Out

One of the biggest goals and aspirations for many musicians is to write their own music. Obviously, this is something great to look forward to, but there are times that it might feel a bit intimid...

10 Singing Tips for Boosting Your Vocal Training

Are you looking to get the most out of your voice lessons? Check out these great 10 tips for improving your pipes right away!