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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Instrument for You

If you or your child are just starting out on your musical journey, the first place you should start is by picking out which instrument to play. This is an exciting moment, as there are so many di...

The Powerful Impact Music Has on a Child's Brain Development

At its core, music is fun! It raises our spirits when we are feeling down, boosts the serotonin in our brains, and overall, just leaves us feeling better. That being said, did you know that music ...

4 Things You Should Consider Before Learning to Play the Trumpet

The trumpet is perhaps one of the coolest instruments out there thanks to its versatility and size. Think about it: the trumpet can blend in flawlessly with so many genres of music. Jazz, rock, cl...

5 Essential Practice Tips for Becoming a Better Guitar Player

The guitar is undoubtedly an iconic instrument, serving as a staple in many different genres, from classic rock to pop to country. When many people think of modern music, they think of the guitar ...

It’s the Best Time to Take Online Music Lessons

Did you know that taking online music lessons can help in more ways than just social distancing? Learn more here on our latest blog!

How to Improve Your Drum Skills with Online Lessons

Are you wondering how to improve your drum skills? Online drum lessons for adults and kids through Music House School can help you to hone in on your skills and better your performance. Learn more here!