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Violin Lessons: The Three Essential Steps to Starting

Getting your child started with Lenexa & Overland Park violin lessons might seem expensive and complicated. It's actually easier than you think.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For the Musician In Your Life

It's the final stretch and you're still not sure what to get the musician in your life. Have no fear: Music House is here to help.

Music Lessons: Get Your Child to Practice With Gamification

Kids love games, but they don't necessarily love to practice. Find some fun ways to make music lessons more productive by making practicing fun.

So Your Child Wants to Start Drum Lessons - Don't be Afraid

A child's desire for drum lessons has a tendency to cause parental stress. While the prospect might seem a bit scary, it really isn't. Here's why.

Getting Your Child Started With Piano Lessons: Why, When and How

Piano lessons can be extremely valuable to young minds. Here's how you can you get the most out of them.

The First Steps Toward Learning Guitar

Successfully learning guitar requires something more than just signing up for music lessons.

Practice: Essential, But Does it Make Perfect?

Practice: Essential, But Does it Make Perfect?