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Five Ways to Get Your Young Kids Into Music

 by Autumn Huerter

Almost from birth, children are learning and trying to expand their knowledge about the world. They are curious learners and open to new experiences, especially when it is presented appealingly. 

If you’ve been around young children, you will notice that even at a young age, they will be interested in and love music. As music has been found to have numerous health and mental benefits, it is a good idea to encourage that innate love of music. There are ways that you can help your child to develop a love of and appreciation for music. 

Five Ways to Get Your Young Kids Into Music


Here are five simple ways that you can begin introducing musical instruments to young children:


1. Use Everyday Objects

A great way of introducing instruments to young children is using everyday objects that can be found in every home or classroom. Grab some pots, pans, pot lids, metal spoons, wooden spoons, bubble wrap, pencils, pens, rulers, or even glass bottles filled with varying amounts of water. All of these can be used to introduce concepts like rhythm. Let them make noise and discover the different types of sounds that different materials and objects can make.


2. Introduce Real Instruments

Five Ways to Get Your Young Kids Into Music

If you can, borrow some actual percussion instruments like bells, drums, maracas, or triangles and allow your child to feel the instruments, interact with them, and discover the sounds that they can produce. As they are exploring the possibilities, pick up another instrument, and play along with your child. This can help them to understand more about the process of making music using multiple instruments and sounds, and how some sounds go together better than others. After the child has experimented with the instrument on their own, take the opportunity to play it yourself. Show your child and simple rhythm or even play the instrument for them. Your experimentation will show your child that there is no right or wrong. That music is about having fun and discovering the music in themselves.


3. Make Your Own Instruments

Another fun activity both for you and your child is helping them to create their own musical instruments out of recycled materials. For example, you can experiment with making a small guitar out of an empty tissue box and rubber bands. You can make a shaker by filling an empty container with uncooked beans or rice. It will not only foster more musical learning but will show them the value in recycling and show them the value that comes from being creative.


4. Listen to Music

It is essential to try and expose your children to music from various periods and cultures. Not only will you broaden their horizons and help them appreciate a wider variety of music, but you may also find a style of music that you love that you hadn’t ever been exposed to. Depending on the music, you can extend this activity by combining listening with dance. Even movements like clapping, conducting, or foot-tapping can help them to learn about rhythm and help them to develop an appreciation and awareness of other types of music. Some children may even start to grasp the concept of a steady beat.


5. Color

Five Ways to Get Your Young Kids Into Music

This may seem a little strange because coloring doesn’t seem to have anything to do with making music. However, a simple way to introduce young children to musical instruments, is to show them what the instruments look like. Not only that, but coloring instruments can help kids connect the names/look with how they sound.

Coloring books that feature different musical instruments can help your child with this. You can find musical instrument coloring books at bookstores or else look online for some free, printable coloring pages. 

While your child is coloring, find a sound sample of the instrument they are coloring. By engaging multiple senses at once (sight, sound, and touch). In this way, you are deeply engaging your child in the learning process and strengthening your child’s connection to the subject matter.


Five Ways to Get Your Young Kids Into Music

Music is known as the food for the soul. It can help to calm and soothe or energize us. It helps us to improve our memory and learning abilities. So take advantage of all of the benefits of music and get your child engaged in musical learning and appreciation early, and they can reap the benefits for the rest of their lives.

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Written by Autumn Huerter
Autumn Huerter
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