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Early Childhood Music Programs

Faculty Spotlight: Jen Hoover

Meet Jen Hoover, one of our amazing voice & early childhood instructors. We recently asked her about her musical origin and philosophy.

The Benefits of Music Lessons Near Me

At Music House, we provide music lessons in Kansas City for a wide range of people. People just like you are drawn to our lessons for a variety of reasons. There are two main groups of people we se...

Music Playhouse: Where Fun and Learning Meet

Tap your sticks, tap your sticks 123, 123 Can you tap your sticks, can you tap your sticks Just like me, just like me. Young preschoolers tap their red rhythm sticks in unison to this famil...

What Do The Best Preschool Music Programs Have in Common?

The best preschool music programs will harness children's natural curiosity into their learning process to develop a life-long love of music.