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Battle of the Opening & Expansion Bands on Sun. 10/8. More info here.
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Dodi Wiemuth

Dodi Wiemuth Drums/Guitar/Bass/Ukulele

Edoardo (Dodi) Wiemuth has been playing guitar, drums, and bass for over twenty-five years. He is originally from Tuscany, Italy and graduated from the Music Conservatory of Perugia in percussion. Since middle school, Dodi has performed and recorded rock music with numerous groups in Tuscany and Brooklyn, NY. He has been teaching drums, percussion, guitar, bass, ukulele for over fifteen years. Dodi’s goal as a teacher is to inspire his students’ love of music while making learning a fun & rewarding experience. He is thrilled to be teaching at Music House and to have the opportunity to share his knowledge of music with others.