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Faculty Spotlight: Matt Elton

An interview with guitar & bass instructor Matt Elton. We discuss his musical background and what led him to teaching music lessons, classes & bands.

Faculty Spotlight: Jon Self

An interview with guitar instructor Jon Self. We discuss his musical background and what led him to teaching music lessons.

Want to Elevate Your Guitar Playing? 6 Essential Tips to Check Out

It’s true what they say: a musician is never done learning. No matter how long you’ve been playing the guitar, there is always room for improvement. It is a fun yet challenging instrument that off...

8 Key Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Learning the Piano

Learning the piano can be a lot of fun, but it does require a level of dedication and patience. Just like with any skill, there are some common yet crucial mistakes that you will want to avoid mak...

Want to Start Playing the Guitar? 6 Things You Need to Know First

The guitar is an extremely popular and versatile instrument because not only is it fun to play, but it has a role in many different musical genres. Whether you’re into red dirt country or face-mel...

A Quick and Easy Guide to Proper Guitar Maintenance

Getting a new guitar is a really exciting moment for any musician! Whether it’s something you saved up for and bought yourself or if you received it as a gift, it will come as no surprise that it ...

A Short History on How the Modern Guitar Got Its Shape

The guitar is arguably one of the iconic instruments, serving as a staple in modern music. Across all genres, from rock to country and yes, even some hip-hop, you will undoubtedly hear a guitar on...

5 Essential Practice Tips for Becoming a Better Guitar Player

The guitar is undoubtedly an iconic instrument, serving as a staple in many different genres, from classic rock to pop to country. When many people think of modern music, they think of the guitar ...

When is the Best Time to Learn How to Play Guitar

Are you wondering when is the right time to enroll your child in guitar lessons at Music House? There's no time like the present! Learn more here on our blog!

Staff Spotlight: Ross Williams

Get to know Ross Williams and all about him finding his love for music with his dad to his journey to Music House.

5 Habits That Will Make You A Better Guitarist

Want to know five easy tips that will help you to become a better guitarist and overall musician? Check out this blog for some great tips!

How to Have Successful Online Music Lessons

What steps can you take to succeed in your online music lessons? Use these helpful tips and get the most out of your online learning experience!