music house promise

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Katy, Kelly & Eric Baumgartel, Voice Student & Loyal Parents

May 2, 2017

Katy Baumgartel, voice student at Music House, and Kelly & Eric, her mom & dad, talk about the many ways that Music House has helped her go from shy beginner to confident performer. Lea...

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Chris Pickering, Guitar Student

June 16, 2017

Chris Pickering has been a guitar student and supporter at Music House since the very beginning, when we operated out of a little green house in Overland Park. Since then, he's become a sophist...

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Mike Schlenk & Noelle Schlenk, Father & Daughter Students

April 27, 2017

Mike Schlenk, guitar student, and Noelle Schlenk, his daughter and oboe student, talk about their experiences at Music House. Both of them identify the school's strong sense of community as a d...

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Lisa Johnston and Jack Johnston, Music House Parent and Guitar Student

April 25, 2017

Jack Johnston, guitar student at Music House, and Lisa Johnston, his mother, talk about the many ways that Music House helps him excel and meet his goals in music. From private guitar lessons, ...