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Luis Gonzalez

Voice / Guitar
Luis Gonzalez Voice / Guitar

"Music has kept me alive through the most vexing winters of my life; it's a first love that has always fed my soul."

Originally from Mexico, Luis was trained classically in voice and piano from the age of 5, and taught himself guitar as he developed into a performer. His performance experience expanded from musicals, bands, district, and state honor choirs to gigging alongside professionals at 15 and being invited to be a member of the 2016 National Honor Choir. Having played with world class musicians, Luis also began giving lessons at 13 in Mexico and continued doing so in the states. Having studied musical performance at Portland State University, Luis continued teaching off and on campus, teaching art classes, tuning and restoring pianos, becoming a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on vocal, piano, guitar, bass, as well as accordion, drums, reed instruments, and more! He enjoys performing for recitals, events and weddings, musicals, operas, and improv shows.

Luis believes in the artist inside every one; the potential that everyone carries to express their internal universes. He is driven to cultivate the artist and student in everyone, and to share the musical experience gained from international masterclasses to improv jam sessions in Portland.

Luis loves all people. He loves the connection that can happen amongst strangers during a performance. Luis lives for the moments after a performance where he can share tears, laughter, and goosebumps with the audience, to find true human connection.

Luis has found that when the artist is given space and the safety to be vulnerable, the artist then gives permission and the safety for their audience to feel intensely, and the permission to be vulnerable during the performance.

It's a marvelous gift to be able to inspire human connection by following your passion. To be able to move someone's emotions so deeply, and leave a positive impact on their life. Luis is impassioned to take you and your future audience on that journey!