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Claim your Music House account

1. Click on "Account" at the top right of any Music House web page.


2. Click the "Sign up" link.


3. Enter the email address you gave us when you enrolled, create a strong password, & click "sign up" button.

Music House login

You'll then receive a confirmation email. Just open that email, click the link, and you're in!

Install the Music House app
Desktop Computer (Chrome browser)
Get set up for video streaming

1. Download Zoom here.

We recommend using the desktop version whenever possible because of the bigger screen and additional features. However, you can also find iOS & Android versions on this page.

2. Log into your Music House account

Scroll down to the "Your Programs" section. If it's time for your lesson, Workshop, or Class, you'll see a "start your remote session" button.

Start your online lesson

Don't see the button? That just means your teacher hasn't started the session yet. If it's time for your scheduled program to begin, refresh the page every 30 seconds or so and it will appear shortly.

3. When it's time, click the button & have a great lesson or class!

Start your online lesson

View your projects & assignments

1. Log into your Music House account

Scroll down to the "Your Programs" section, find the student and correct program, and click the “projects & assignments” link.


This will take you to your most current videos, lesson notes, recording projects & assignments. You can also click back through all your past notes, & assignments.

Join the rewards program

Music House award points are easy to earn and can get you steep tuition discounts. Simply joining will get you 50 points. Refer a friend and get 400 points — redeemable for $50 off your tuition. Every time!

1. Log into your Music House account.

2. Scroll down to the "Your Rewards" section.


3. Click on one of the links.

If you haven't already joined, click the "Join Program +50" button that appears on the next page

(yep, you'll get 50 points for joining)


4. Click the "join" button & follow the instructions from there.


5. Start earning those points and redeem them for big discounts & MH swag!