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Connor Rich

Connor Rich Voice

Growing up in St. Joseph, Connor Rich has been around music all of his life. In school he participated in church choir, band, jazz band & choir, and university choir. He received his Bachelor’s in Music Education from Central Methodist University. He describes being a musician and performing as “one of his reasons for being.” However, his love for teaching surpasses performing for miles. He is driven by fostering growth and developing musicians in their craft. If he had to put it into a few words it would be “the chipping away of the actualization of one’s potential.” His approach to teaching is creating a mindful and safe place for musicians to make mistakes, learn from them, and experiment with their sound. He aims for each student to create something that is theirs, by building on what they have and their strengths rather than what is the standard or normative. In his spare time, Connor enjoys video games, composing, playing with his two dogs, listening to music, and performing. Some of his most notable performances include: Playing Alfred in Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II and Terry and Mr. Spencer in Merrily We Roll Along by Stephen Sondheim. Connor shares “My inspiration for everything I do in music is to touch or inspire others to believe in the force of music. I do not doubt that music changes the world around us.”