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General Topics

The Top 7 Stage Presence Tips Perfect for Any Musician

There is nothing quite like stepping out on the stage. Whether it’s your first time, or your hundredth, it is exhilarating! You want to go out there and show off the fruits of your hard work, esp...

5 Habits to Adopt to Become a Better Piano Player

It may be a little intimidating for an adult who is starting to play the piano or taking piano lessons. Unfortunately, due to this fear, many people set themselves up for failure by limiting their...

6 Reasons Why a Musical Instrument Makes the Best Holiday Gift

Gift-giving is something that many of us struggle with. Whether you're shopping for children or adults, you want to see the genuine delight on their face when they open your gift, but finding some...

Staff Spotlight: Alex Hyden

Meet one of the newest members of our staff, Alex Hyden, and how his journey with guitar has lead him to Music House.

7 Tips for Practicing Between Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons can really give you a huge leg up musically. However, there are some tips we think you should check out to stay sharp in between sessions. Keep reading to find out more!

Staff Spotlight: Ben Chaverin

Meet staff member Ben Chaverin and learn more about what he brings to Music House!

7 Helpful Tips for Writing Your First Song

Learning to write music doesn't have to be difficult. With music lessons in Kansas City at Music House, you will be on your way to songwriting in no time!

Staff Spotlight: Drew Crane

Get to know Music House staff member Drew Crane and his journey to the Music House family!

Staff Spotlight: David Thal

Learn more about instructor David Thal, how he found his love for the trumpet and how he made his way to Music House!

Staff Spotlight: Manuel Vizurraga

Learn about one of our piano instructors, Manuel Vizurraga, and his journey to join the Music House family!

Staff Spotlight: Ross Williams

Get to know Ross Williams and all about him finding his love for music with his dad to his journey to Music House.

Staff Spotlight: Joel Shipley

Get to know staff member Joel Shipley and hear about one of his crazy gig stories and how he became part of the Music House family.