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General Topics

Faculty Spotlight: Frazier Krohn

Meet Frazier Krohn, one of our amazing drum instructors. We recently asked him about how he approaches music and how he got started.

What Does a Quality Music School Have to Offer? 7 Valuable Traits

As the premier music school serving Kansas City and the surrounding area, Music House takes pride in offering top-notch music lessons in Kansas City. At Music House, we believe that your first exp...

10 Key Reasons Your Child Should Sign Up for Music Summer Camp

As a parent, you're always on the lookout for enriching experiences that will benefit your child's growth and development. If you're searching for something more than just a typical summer camp ex...

Mastering Music: 12 Tips for Adult Learners

Are you an adult eager to dive into the world of music? Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to reignite your passion for music, taking that first step can feel both thrilling and dauntin...

Piano, Guitar, or Drums? How to Pick Your First Musical Instrument

Are you considering diving into the world of music but finding yourself torn between the enchanting melodies of the piano, the soul-stirring strums of the guitar, or the rhythmic beats of the drum...

Faculty Spotlight: Zakara York

Meet Zakara York, one of our amazing vocal instructors. We recently asked her about how she got started in music.

Looking for a Vocal Coach? 11 Positive Traits Every Instructor Should Have

Are you on the hunt for the perfect vocal coach to guide you on your musical journey? Look no further than Music House! Having the right vocal instructor can truly make or break your ability to pr...

10 Signs You Could Benefit From Private Guitar Lessons

Are you a guitar enthusiast looking to enhance your skills and musical journey? Music House is here to help! We understand that everyone's musical journey is unique, and our private guitar lessons...

Faculty Spotlight: Cole Harrison

Meet Cole Harrison, one of our amazing piano & guitar instructors. We recently asked him about his musical origin and approach.

Setting Musical Goals for the New Year? 6 Tips You Need to Consider

2024 is right around the corner and many are looking to make resolutions for the year ahead, musicians included. After all, setting specific goals is essential for any musician looking to make pro...

Faculty Spotlight: Jen Hoover

Meet Jen Hoover, one of our amazing voice & early childhood instructors. We recently asked her about her musical origin and philosophy.

Keep Your Flute In Top Shape With These 10 Simple Tips

As a flute player, taking care of your instrument is vital to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Regular flute maintenance, cleaning, and repair are essential for keeping your instrument in...