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7 Helpful Tips for Writing Your First Song

Learning to write music doesn't have to be difficult. With music lessons in Kansas City at Music House, you will be on your way to songwriting in no time!

Staff Spotlight: Drew Crane

Get to know Music House staff member Drew Crane and his journey to the Music House family!

Staff Spotlight: David Thal

Learn more about instructor David Thal, how he found his love for the trumpet and how he made his way to Music House!

Staff Spotlight: Manuel Vizurraga

Learn about one of our piano instructors, Manuel Vizurraga, and his journey to join the Music House family!

Staff Spotlight: Ross Williams

Get to know Ross Williams and all about him finding his love for music with his dad to his journey to Music House.

Staff Spotlight: Joel Shipley

Get to know staff member Joel Shipley and hear about one of his crazy gig stories and how he became part of the Music House family.

Staff Spotlight: Michaela Glover

Join us in learning more about Michaela Glover and her journey to Germany and what brought her to Music House!

Celebrating Black History Month with Inspiring Musicians

Let's take some time during this month to celebrate Black History Month and the impact so many African American musicians have had on the music industry.

How to Have Successful Online Music Lessons

What steps can you take to succeed in your online music lessons? Use these helpful tips and get the most out of your online learning experience!

Staff Spotlight: Justin Murray

Take a deep dive into the musical brain of Justin Murray and learn about his journey with his acoustic guitar, to Music House!

The Best Songs for Beginners to Learn

Are you a young beginner musician wanting to learn how to play songs on guitar, piano, drums, or even perfect your singing voice? Check out our list of the best songs for beginners and start learning today!

Staff Spotlight: Staś Heaney

In this staff spotlight, get to know Staś Heaney and his journey to Music House and how learning a piece of music changed how he practices.