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Emma Foreman


Emma Foreman Voice

Emma Foreman graduated with a Bachelor's of Music in Music Theatre from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2016, but found her passion in music long before that. As a child, she began singing in choirs, but then moved on to more contemporary music. Emma has been performing in, directing and teaching music theatre for the past ten years. Songwriting is her hobby, and she enjoys singing rock and pop music just as much as showtunes. She has performed all over the United States, and even sung at Carnegie Hall. Her passion for teaching really developed throughout college, and has taught solo voice lessons, performance and audition coaching, and group classes for all ages over the past 5 years.

Emma has a very energetic teaching style, using traditional techniques in new and innovative ways. She wants her students to find their best voice: choosing songs that they love while working on material to make them the best musician and performer they can be. Emma believes in tailoring each lesson to the individual student, and really focuses on tools they can use in and out of lessons. Her favorite thing is seeing how proud singers are when they conquer a fear or do something they never thought they could with their voice. With hard work, voice lessons are fun and extremely rewarding. Students can expect to thrive vocally and conquer their fears in her studio. With a little bit of bravery, anyone can sing!