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Colton Cox

Program Coordinator / Guitar
Colton Cox Program Coordinator / Guitar

Since the first time he heard his grandfather play the Chuck Berry classic "Johnny B. Goode" on his '97 red Fender Stratocaster, Colton Cox has had an enduring love of music, especially from the early years of rock n' roll. Originally from Salina, Kansas, Colton started his musical journey on the upright bass in his elementary school orchestra. That was his only instrument until he finally got his own guitar and started taking lessons his freshman year of high school.

Just a few years later, Colton attended Wichita State University, where he studied jazz and classical guitar, and received a bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance. During this time, he also began working at Damm Music Center, where he eventually became the head of their lesson program for a period of almost 6 years.

After graduating, he began a career as a singer/songwriter. He performs his own fusion of indie rock and soul music under his own name (Colton Cox), and you can see him out around the Kansas City area, performing both by himself and with a backing band.

As a teacher, Colton thinks that music makes life richer, and that everyone is capable of learning an instrument, even if it's just as a hobby. He aims to provide his students with a well thought out lesson plan, and clear, achievable goals to help facilitate their progression.