Brock Schwien


Brock Schwien Guitar

The son of an elementary school music teacher, Brock Alexander Schwien began formal piano lessons at age 5. “You could sort of say that music was my first language,” says Brock. Throughout his formative years he “spoke” the language of music not only through the piano, but also as a singer in the exclusive Dr. John Leavitt’s Master Arts Youth Chorale, as a percussionist in school band and orchestra, and as a wind player in Friends University’s Wichita Wind Ensemble. It wasn’t until Brock picked up a guitar at age 12, though, that he found what he describes as his “musical identity.” “I already knew the proper way to practice, play and perform music, so guitar came very naturally.”

After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas, Brock relocated to Arizona to study audio engineering at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. From there he moved on to Los Angeles where he worked as a recording engineer at the renowned Westlake Recording Studios.

Through all of this, Brock has enjoyed a full teaching schedule. He has maintained a studio of private percussion and guitar students since his college days. “My favorite aspect of teaching is being able to pull from various disciplines and tie in ‘bigger picture’ musical concepts.” Music House, with it’s “bigger picture” approach to music as a communal language, has turned out to be a perfect fit for Brock.