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Brandon Vogt

Guitar / Bass
Brandon Vogt Guitar / Bass

When it comes to teaching, Brandon’s philosophy is to help his students enjoy the instrument as much as possible. “I have come to notice that the best guitar players just simply enjoy playing more than less accomplished guitarists.” Once his students have established strong positive associations with the instrument, Brandon enjoys guiding them through the world of music theory. “The more I understand music theory, the better musician I become. Therefore I teach my students to develop their own relationship with music theory to help them grow and evolve as musicians”

Brandon’s first interaction with music was playing the trombone in grade school. He quickly became first chair and also played in the jazz band. By college he’d picked up the guitar and fallen in love with its harmonic possibilities. Although he ended up graduating with an accounting degree, he also studied music theory and guitar performance while at Missouri State University. In addition to teaching, Brandon regularly performs with multiple music groups in the Kansas City area.